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WSC Announcement - Season 2020 Refunds

Letter to Members from WSC Committee

Dear members,

Hope you have been keeping safe and well.

With the easing of restrictions and the nice weather it is time to start discussing all things football (soccer).

As communicated by Football Victoria (FV) they are offering a part refund of the fees all registered players paid for the 2020 season.

For more information on the FV refund policy please visit the link below.

As per our previous communication WSC is offering two options for season 2020 memberships.

Option 1: Rollover to season 2021. There will only be a small additional fee for members in 2021 which will be decided early next year once FV announce their 2021 fee structure . This will take into account any FFA/FV component as well as club incurred fees in 2020.

If you require replacement apparel there will be a cost for this as well but 2020 strips will be reused to help keep registration costs to a minimum.

Please note preference is given to all our 2020 members but unless you register and confirm you are returning / playing when our 2021 registrations open your spot is not automatically guaranteed.

Option 2: If you are planning on changing clubs or not playing in 2021 you can request a refund for the season 2020 membership minus 50% of FFA/FV fee, minus cost of WSC apparel ($120)  and less other club incurred costs ($30).

If you are interested in a refund please email your details (child/member name, age group, team (if known) and bank details) to

We are looking to have this finalised by mid December so please email us by the end of November.

You do not need to do anything if you wish to roll over this years membership into season 2021. We will have your details on record for our registration days in January.

Thank you

Club Committee


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