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Williamstown Soccer Club Raffle 2022 WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

Huge congratulations to Tomony Tan for winning the KIA Cerato Sport in our 2022 raffle… he was last seen negotiating with his son, Ben, about who’s car it really is.

Congratulations also to our minor prize winners:

Jamie Cauchi is planning a holiday after winning the 4BR Villa accommodation in Bali.

Helen Dixon is looking forward to a comfortable summer with a new Kaden air conditioner.

Oscar Roeling hasn’t left the house this week after winning the Williamstown Soccer Club Raffle 2022 though ownership rights have become contentious with his brother.

And Nick Basile is planning a trip to Marvel Stadium with 5 friends/family in the Medallion Club.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsorship partners, Central West Motors and Superior Heating & Cooling for helping the Club to raise much needed funds to furnish our new facilities and also to all those that helped along the way, especially our fantastic raffle coordinator, Amanda Clements.


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