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All in a season’s work 🏆💪🏆

A nice haul for 2023 with 6 of our teams claiming top spot and becoming Champions of their respective leagues, 3 of those teams then going on to become state champions as well! 👏

Fantastic achievement from all the players and coaches involved as well as their support network of dedicated parents and family members who helped out along the way. 🙌


We can’t wait to get these flags hung up along with all the other flags, pendants, trophies and photos we have amassed over our 42 year history, and there sure are a lot!!

Although our clubrooms are very nice and new, the walls are also very bare at the moment. With the off season bringing with it some spare time and a little breathing room, the club is looking to decorate our plush new social rooms to reflect all of the colour and character our wonderful club has built up over those 42 years.


Can you help???

We are calling out for any interior design or decorating buffs out there willing to lend a hand, please get in touch with the club via the below email if you’re capable and willing to help out with any of the following:

🔵 Project management

🟡 Interior design/decorating

🔵 Photo restoration

🟡 Picture framing

🔵 Custom artwork design and production

🟡 Product/Service supply



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