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Introducing Oxidate

At Williamstown Soccer Club (WSC) we strive to make soccer as enjoyable as possible.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing children having fun while playing a sport they enjoy, and continually developing their skills to improve their self-confidence.   We have identified the need for professional assistance and guidance to our coaches who work tirelessly to make is as exciting as possible for the kids, and that is why WSC has partnered with Oxidate Performance – our coaching and performance manager. A short bio on Jacob is as follows: “Director and Head Coach – Football Performance Specialist My passion and appreciation for performance started when I was just 13. I was touring Holland in a football (soccer) team, under the guidance of my biggest mentor to date. An academy coach whose life looked the dream. This very experience moulded and shaped my coaching journey towards pursing “the dream” of being able to provide such opportunities for others. I am fascinated by human movement, especially in sport by the individual identity expressed out on the pitch. Through years’ worth of coaching experience, certifications, diplomas, workshops, and research I’ve developed a unique skill set which yields exceptional results for any player or coach looking to improve their ability. My passion is maximising your true potential. I deliver much more than a coaching manual can obtain during each session and thoroughly enjoy imparting knowledge to all ages.” Jacob Falla is the founder of Oxidate and has been involved in the game at various levels over many years.  His passion and appreciation for the game is complimented by his education and qualifications.  His qualifications include the following: 

Bachelor of Sports Coaching, Sports Science – Victoria University 

Diploma of Sports Development – Canberra Institute of Technology 

C License – Football Federation Australia 

Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 – Australian Strength and Conditioning Association 

Personal Training Accreditation, Cert 3 and 4 – Victoria University

Jacob’s main role is to work closely with the coaches to provide the correct training tools that are suitable to your child’s age, ability and skill level.  His drive is to improve your child’s ability in the game, and to maximise their true potential.  This approach will improve self confidence in the kids, and encourage them to better themselves while having fun in a positive environment.  Jacob will also look to harness your child’s potential and accelerate their development through our training program. As part of this partnership, Oxidate will also be running a soccer training academy separate to club training.  This training will be held on Saturday mornings and is catered for u9’s to u15’s inclusive.  Training times are proposed to be between 8am and 12pm and for 1hr duration for each age group.  Further details will be available on the website and at the club. This is a new approach for the club, and we assure you that the intention is to improve the self-confidence, skill and agility of all children. By provide the awesome volunteer coaches the right tools to not only instil confidence in their coaching, but also to demonstrate to the kids that soccer can be fun, we give our kids the best opportunity to develop their soccer skills and ultimately have an enjoyable experience. Jacob is an extension of WSC and we kindly invite you make Jacob feel welcome at the club.  If you have any queries about your child and the game, feel free to have a chat with him at the club.

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